Corporate Cleaning Excellence

It’s only clean when we say it’s clean.

All JAN-PRO staff are extensively trained in commercial office cleaning to achieve results beyond what you would normally see. We know what may look clean may actually be far from it.

That’s why our JP Signature Clean® relies on a thorough understanding of what to look for and exactly how each treatment works to blitz unsanitary or unclean conditions.

Every surface, every area and every desktop is cleaned with only the most professional corporate cleaning treatments for superior results.

A Tailored Service

You don’t have to fit in with our way of doing things. We can create a custom corporate cleaning package to suit you and your business. That way, you’re not paying for cleaning services you don’t need.

Your cleaning schedule can also be customised to fit around your work patterns. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, we can arrange a schedule to give you the maximum clean for the minimum fuss or interruption.

Commercial Office Cleaning – With Pride

As a JAN-PRO franchisee, it is a matter of pride for us to impress you with our level of commitment, dedication and skill. This is our business, so anything less than a fully satisfied client just isn’t an option.

This dedication is backed up by high standards of training and only the best cleaning treatments and equipment.

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