Franchisee Testimonials


"I am so impressed with the level of detail and commitement to quality your owner-operator devotes to our dealerships."
- Keenan Honda & Mercedes Benz
"JAN-PRO is great. They are always on the time and we never have any problems."
- Stone Bank
"The Green solutions provided by JAN-PRO create a healthier environment for our students and staff. They also provide us with greater peace of mind."
- Goddard School
"JAN-PRO does a very nice job and they are friendly and respectful. They always keep in communication with us about any of our needs."
- Vert Fitness
"I can rely on JAN-PRO to handle my centers and respond to any issue quickly and efficiently."
- Novacare Rehabilitation Centers
"JAN-PRO consistently is graded among our top three cleaning companies when we perform our audits, and generate positive tenant feedback when interviewed."
- Brandywine Realty Trust
"Our JAN-PRO operations manager is genuinely interested in earning our customer satisfaction. When we address a concern with JAN-PRO we know it will be resolved quickly and effectively."
- Pei Wei Restaurant
"We are very pleased with the quality of their cleaning, and even more pleased with the communication we have with our JAN-PRO unit franchise owner."
- St. Francis Xavier School
"JAN-PRO does an excellent job in cleaning our surgical facillity. There is always open and frequent communication between us, and they act quickly to resovle any issues that require their further attention."
- Methodist Germantown Surgey Center

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