Master Franchise

Becoming a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee

What is a JAN-PRO Master Owner?

The Master Program is a true opportunity for the seasoned executive, professional or salesperson to capitalize on becoming a Regional Master. The Master Franchise sells and supports Unit Franchises within their exclusive territory during normal business hours; this is a sales organisation.

The Master Franchise office then provides guaranteed customers, accountng, training, field support and marketing assistance. The Unit Franchisees provide the actual proprietary cleaning services to the customers. The Master Franchisee derives their cash flow from Unit Franchise Fees, Royaltes, Management/Administrative/Insurance Fees and Profits from chemicals and equipment.

An ideal Master franchisee is a Upper Level Executive with Business, Sales and Marketinng Background, or a Seasoned Professional with Entrepreneurial Sales Skills and Passionate about being Successful with a Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit.

One of the positive aspects of a JAN-PRO master franchise is that you are not restrained to exclusive territories for your unit franchisees as you can offer them accounts to anywhere in your master territory. As a master franchisee, you sell your franchisees a guaranteed income level. This flexible model virtually allows you to meet any persons goals for their business while giving you an unlimited number of franchises to sell. 

We assess the following three areas when considering Master Franchise Owners:

  1. A successful track record of business and/or sales management experience, franchise experience or extensive cleaning experience. 
  2. Liquid assets or access to initial start-up funding of R1 000 000 plus. 
  3. Preparedness to either already reside in, or relocate to, a selected metropolitan market. 


  • Executive Business
  • Recession Resistant Industry
  • Proven Model with Steady Cash-flows and Growth
  • Freedom

Master franchises are available in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

How can you become a JAN-PRO Master Franchisor?

Simple. If you are looking to own a successful, thriving business; please contact us on 08617 25326 / 08617 25326 CLEAN or email or


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